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Music by Shade Cobain
“ girls NEED to know they are magical...we can have dragons too.” 
-Danielle Robinson
​ She has been an artist since the age of five. Drawing, painting and sculpting her way to Rodgers Middle School, CAPA High School (where she added photography to her creative endeavors), Columbus College of Art and Design (1year) and The Art Institute of Pittsburgh (1 year).  
Danielle has worked with a variety of artists and musicians in the Pittsburgh area, and continues to grow her body of work.  

“I hope with my art I can just encourage conversation. 

I paint black women and animals as I see them, integrated into the fabric of my life, as fantastic goddesses, beasts and super heroes. This is the way I see us. We are more than a shade of brown. 

The way I express myself on paper is a thoughtless process, I just create. I do love to combine some of my favorite styles of art to create something different and new. I combine graffiti-style, art-deco and African art as starting points in most of my work.”